Friday, January 28, 2011

Thoughts on Anger

    Have you ever gotten really angry about something actually very slight, not very important at all? Of  course you have, it's human nature. What is it about anger? Why does it feel one up then make us crash so badly?
    I've often heard that anger is a masking emotion. A mask, to cover fear - pain - or even perhaps a mechanism, a survival one, to be a catalyst of change.
    Apathy is something I feel all too often - and sometimes a sharp dose of anger is what is needed to propel me out of the apathetic state and into a pro-active, living state.
    What about the one's that never allow themselves to feel or acknowledge their anger? Who even claim, they never get angry? To me, this promotes a victimized mindset. Healthy anger, expressed appropriately, is a great tool of the human psyche - to deny it is to repress, and repression only leads to further pain.


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