Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day - Top Ten Gifts

    There were several Saint Valentines, according to wikipedia, and no one's quite sure which one inspired Valentine's Day or whether it was the collection of martyred Saints. In any case, it's now as much a holiday as any other, and here are 10 things to give (or request).

1. These cute pillowcases for him & her - perfectly sweet. 

2. A (worth reading) book to improve your relationship, or find one. 

3. Something for the kids in your life.

4. A great movie - this one made me laugh and cry. 

5. Valentine's Day Cupcake Kit - need I say more?

6. There is something sensual about a locking diary...

7. Something for him.

8. Make your own cards for a personal gesture.

9. I love Canon for their gorgeous vivid prints.

10. Because no Valentine's List would be complete without chocolate...


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