Monday, April 4, 2011

How to train a spoiled/annoying/dang cute little dog?

    I have a dog - a little toy - and dang she is so cute. She loves to cuddle and follow me around - but she is spoiled rotten. I didn't realize this until our other dog found a new home - but this girl is super spoiled. She was always submissive to the other dog but now that he is gone - she is "top dog" and it's showing.
    So how do I train this girl? I've been to some training classes (different dog) and know some of the techniques but they aren't working for her! I've heard - don't give your dog too much attention - it spoils them, they think they are in charge - but she's way too cute. So today I practiced "ignoring" and some basic training. I've gotta get her to get some manners fast though. 


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